Pasquale, Bruno and Enrico Pasquale

About Us

Proprietor and Head Chef, Pasquale Amico, opened Amico Bio in 2010, in partnership with his cousins, Enrico Amico and Bruno Zarzaca. Pasquale believed that there was an opportunity for people to experience his particular style of Italian-vegetarian cooking, especially as the public were becoming more aware of the food they ate and its impact on their health. As a forerunner in creating vegan and gluten-free dishes Pasquale's menu evolved into offering a range of dishes rich with ideas and meat-free combinations appealing to non vegetarians as well as vegetarians.

With a history steeped in Italian cooking, Pasquale's passion for food quality originated in his father's pastry shop in S.Maria Capua Vetere in Southern Italy, and today, his ingredients are sourced from the family's organic farm in Italy and delivered twice-weekly to his restaurant.

Pasquale trained with an enviable list of prestigious names including Don Alfonso, Gary Rhodes, Bruno Loubet and Giorgio Locatelli before opening London's Via Condotti - gaining a Michelin Bib Gourmand on his culinary journey; he has also made frequent TV appearances while putting the finishing touches on his unique restaurant concept: Amico Bio: London's first Italian Organic Vegetarian restaurant.

Pasquale gives demonstrations throughout the year at major food and drink shows to continue to emphasise the importance of using fresh, quality produce, and to show the public different ways in which meat-free ingredients can be combined to deliver innovative, flavoursome and appealing dishes.